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Triple Threat Tenderloin Dinner


Hand tenderized and breaded tenderloin topped with mozzarella cheese, brisket, bacon and a drizzle of bbq

Dinner Combo Sides:Mashed Potatoes(combo) Coleslaw (combo) Baked Beans (combo) Mac N Cheese (combo) Baked Potato (combo) Potato Salad (combo) Fries (combo) +$2Chips (combo) +$3Tots (combo) +$2Two Jalapeno Hushpuppies (combo) 3 Hushpuppies (side) Waffle Fries +$2Loaded Baked Potato (bacon & cheese) +$2.24Loaded Mashed Potatoes (bac & cheese) +$2.25Pulled Pork Mac N Cheese +$2.25Green Beans Sweet Corn Sweet Fries +$2CHEESY HASHBROWN CASSEROLE
Combo Bread:Texas Toast Roll Hush Puppy One jalapeño Hushpuppy Corn bread NO BREAD Bun Jalapeño Cornbread
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